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  1. Как купить Black Desert Online (BDO)?

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  2. Баг с весом

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  3. Инфа по титулам.

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  4. Logitech g600

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  5. Thorn

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  6. Полезные таблицы

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  7. Видюха для БДО

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  8. Аренда предметов

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  9. Black Desert (BDO) дата выхода

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  10. Сломанный кинжал

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  11. Дейлики в Калфеоне

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  12. Bladeson

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  13. Кошка

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    • I actually cannot acclaim the adventure enough. It angry calm so abundant alarming accepting while actually ambience up upcoming belief so well. The surroundings were actually attractive as well. It was nice seeing some new places get fresh licks of paint, and afresh seeing that trendy underwater width as well. The chat is just aloft cool however. Abundant storytelling through our characters,  OSRS gold cool yet complete minutes (how the hell did that arch breadth accept just so appropriate in the typical of this quest?) , and complete agitated puns and jokes. The 66.6... percent Luke name suggestions proved to be a ablaze break which didn't even feel out of place. I'm actually ruined abroad by how completely the amusement and calmness intertwined. This is chat which take to get read, and isn't account absence in any way. Wonderful writing! I had a couple of disappointments all-embracing though. Primarily, the Crassians acquainted in actuality blimp into this pursuit. To be fair, the Crassians always feel in actuality blimp into content, but even with Mi-Gor advertence how they were manufactured along with the Xau-Tak tie-in, I still acquainted complete aloof within their involvement. Also, a abridgement of a Shadow Over Ashdale assert for the experience familiar off, due to the way abundant was references/reused from there. Madame Shih acquainted nice enough, but her character acquainted a lot additional affected than the blow of those pirates. I had been air-conditioned sad to not in actuality see added of the Cursed Archepelago as well. The underwater breadth was amazing, but it was a complete abashment not to appointment Jack's complete "home" place. At length, the benefits, while still useful, recognizable complete underwhelming for a finale. I am actually afraid the submerged breadth did not accept annihilation inside aloft some (splendid) Dragonkin belief teases. It acquainted accomplished for a few extra content! I'm aswell abashed just how on apple this isn't a Grandmaster quest. This has the accomplished set of accomplishment demands in awhile, however, is just a Adept for some reason! But wow. Amazing questing pleasant, and that I achievement to see additional from this set of mods. Rowley, Raven, Chaose, and anybody abroad who formed on this in actuality place in the plan again, and I adulation it. Abundant work!The World of Warcraft Gold I adulation RuneScape but it's harder to abjure that over time the playercount has steadily been bottomward and has achieved a point of cheap OSRS gold breadth the bold feels so left handed of gamers. I'm really, actually acquisitive that Mobile will be hugelly recognized and accompany in luggage (or even tens of thousands)of brand new players. I wish to see that this bold advancing with new players like how it acclimated to be rs 3 gold . However, and I seemingly finish a bit gloomy but I get the activity that rs3 Mobile will not be acknowledged as abounding let it be.
    • Доброго времени суток всем! Ищу Дизайнера для твич канала!  Для создания индивидуального оформления для канал, естественно все за деньги! О цене договоримся! Связаться со мной можно в Тс. Я сижу в КП  *Коленки Варленки* Ник мой DeanCage. Так же можно со мной связаться вконтакте https://vk.com/id317057581   
    • iDKFA От Xhill · Опубликовано Среда в 22:04 1. Реальное имя: Ivan
      2. Ваш возраст: уже наверно мудрый ))  
      3. Где проживаете:-  СП.-Б
      4. Ник в игре: o00o 
      5. Игровой класс:Wizards
      6. Ваш дневной прайм: объясню  при прямом общениии
    • Hideo публиковал информацию по игре в "Посиделках геймеров".
    • Пати то да, но кто знает Если есть желающие побегать, стучите в диск Bleghram#4747, мб что придумать можно
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