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SAB: Bachelor of Secrets World 2.

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Пока без перевода, переведу, когда появится свободное время. Возможно, кому-то поможет и в оригинале. Кхм, картинки великоваты, уменьшу.

Видео гайд


Secret #1

After the first checkpoint and arrow wall, in the multi-tiered building on the left. Chest on the top floor behind a wall. Requires the "push" ability.




Secret #2

The shortcut. After the first weighing-scales thingo. Please bare with me as I am writing this at 3am. I am unsure as to whether or not this counts towards the achievement, but I do actually have the achievement. If this does not, please post in the comment section and I will check it out tomorrow to see which one I missed.



Secret #3

Above the shortcut bird. Use the branches to climb up, then plant a bomb on the floor in between the trees and a hole should open up, leading to a shop.


Secret #4
Right before the Assassin miniboss who drops the "push" ability. Miniboss is inside the building shown on the left. You need to use the spinning flower to propel yourself inside the hole in the wall, which will lead you to another shop.


(Also Possible)


Secret #5

Chest on the roof of the piranha-carrying building. Immediately before a checkpoint,




Secret #6

Immediately after Secret #5 and before the pole-jumping, as shown. Just bomb the floor and you fall into another shop.




Secret #6 Part 2

Once inside said shop, you can blow up the back wall as an alternative way to leave it (not sure why it's there, but hey)




Secret #7

Underneath the gong building. Bomb the wall to reveal a shop.




Path to Secrets #8 and #9

Jump to this tree from the gong building. Jump from the top of this tree back to the gong building.




Path to Secrets #8 and #9

Jump into this different tree and make your way to the top. Jump back onto the gong building and make your way round the back. There should be clouds that you can use to climb onto the roof of the building.




Path to Secrets #8 and #9

Jump from this corner to the tree below.



Path to Secret #8

Jump down hole shown in previous image. Then throw a bomb at this wall!



Path to Secret #8

Jump through hole.



Secret #8

Drop down on the chest from above. No need to open.



Path to Secret #9

Now make your way back onto the roof of the gong building and jump to the place above the hole you just jumped down. Use this spinning flower to jump across. Then navigate tree-maze to raccoon miniboss, while avoiding angry wildlife.



Secret #9

In front of the raccoon miniboss. Drop a bomb on the slightly darker patch of grass. Will lead you to a secret with a song ("Gatekeeper Lullaby") and 50 baubles.





Proof I have it. If I failed to list the correct secret because of my sleep deprived state, I will try to ammend it tomorrow.

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